What Are Chicken Stews?

Chicken meat is the source of taste, nutrients and is full of flavors as well. Worldwide everyone knows its specialty and if prepared well one can enjoy eating it smooth and tender.

Stew means cooking something in hot water. The stews can be made of various types of meat or fruit. Stewing means cooking anything in moist.

This technique is actually used to let chicken cook slowly without putting any oil in it. It can stay tender in liquid.

Stews are great meals and are healthy and delicious as they can be combined with many other food groups to make various food variations. These can be made in a slow cooker or crockpot to make a superb meal.

If you really are a chicken lover then why not to try cooking chicken stew recipes which help you to make appetizing meals. This dish can be made simply by reading out and following the recipe steps properly.

Comfort foods are those which make you feel all warm inside and help you forget about all bad things that happen you each day. These foods bring smile to your face and you always love to eat them in the comfort of your home with family.

Especially as winter falls and when weather is cold outside all you want is to eat something that can warm your bones. One also likes to spend less time in kitchen and be cozy and warm inside bed. For this reason chicken stew has become all-time favorites of many.

There are many chicken stew recipes e.g. New Orleans style dish, here chicken is poached in a garlic-infused chicken broth with plenty of onions.

The chicken stew instructions are quite simple to be made as they can be cooked at the comfort of your home.

The Trinidad recipe for chicken stew can serve seven people. Either boneless chicken breasts or a whole chicken can be used. Here low fat coconut milk recipe is used as a chicken broth. For better taste chicken can be marinated overnight for a richer flavor.

Southern style of chicken stew consists of partial boiled chicken which is dipped in cream or milk broth, butter and then seasoned with salt, pepper and other ingredients

Chicken and Sausage Stew can be served either with biscuits or cornbread. This adds to your list of family easy meal ideas for dinner.