Different Ways To Bake Tilapia

Baked Tilapia

Tilapia is a very versatile fish because it has a mild flavor and firm texture. There are many ways to bake tilapia in an oven. Since it absorbs various flavors, it is simple to create a tasty dish that is healthy and low in calories. Here are three different ways to bake tilapia.

Each of the following recipes involves baking tilapia. A person will need four tilapia fillets, two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of melted butter, and one half teaspoon of black pepper. Optional ingredients include one quarter cup Parmesan cheese and two sliced plum tomatoes.

Baking Tilapia On A Baking Sheet

To begin, the oven is preheated to 375 degrees. A shallow baking pan is lined with parchment paper. The fillets are rinsed wit cool water and patted dry with clean paper towels. They must be completely dry before cooking. Meanwhile, a person mixes lemon juice and melted butter. It is important to use butter instead of margarine to help the fish brown. When ready, the fillets are placed in a single layer on the baking sheet and seasoned. After each fillet is coated, black pepper can be sprinkled on top. The fish is placed in the oven for 30 minutes. It is possible to add the cheese during the last few minutes of cooking. When done, the fish should be white completely through and will easily flake.

Baking Tilapia Under The Broiler

Broiling is another easy way to prepare tilapia. The broiling pan is coated with nonstick spray and the broiler is heated to high temperature. It is necessary to spray the pan because tilapia is low in fat and does not produce its own melted fat. This may lead to sticking. Once again, the tilapia is rinsed and patted completely dry. In a smaller dish, the lemon juice, pepper, and butter are mixed together. This solution is brushed onto the fish. The tilapia is placed in the broiler pan and cooked for four to six minutes. It will be necessary to flip halfway through to ensure even cooking. It is best to use a spatula instead of tongs in order to avoid breakage. After four minutes, the fish is sprinkled with grated cheese and broiled for another two minutes. After completely white, the fish is ready to serve.

Baking Tilapia In Foil Packs

For this baking method, it will be necessary to have four large squares of nonstick aluminum foil to wrap the fish. The fish is rubbed with melted butter to prevent sticking. In this recipe, it is possible to substitute olive oil, since no browning will occur. Lemon juice and pepper are sprinkled over the fish. A few slices of tomato are also placed on each fillet. It is also possible to add diced onion or bell pepper for desired flavor as well. Each packet is loosely wrapped and placed on a baking sheet. It is important to leave a small gap in the foil for the steam to escape. The tilapia is baked for 20 minutes. Cheese can be sprinkled on top before serving.