7 Layer Chicken Nachos

What are a better snack then nachos to eat during the game? You can make a simple meatless version which I use refried beans or try making a healthier version with chicken instead of ground beef. I didn't think chicken nachos would turn out good. I found they were, as my daughter would say, awesome. I have another way to prepare this recipe. The quickest way to fix these nachos is using ground chicken and mix in a taco seasoning pack. I made this recipe using fresh chicken tenders. The recipe I am using is for a serving size. Double or triple the ingredients if serving more than one.


2 to 3 chicken breast tenders

1-2 servings of tortilla chips or Doritos

1 3 oz cheese sauce cup (Land O Lakes Ultimate Cheddar)

1 serving sour cream

1 green onion

1 serving salsa (2 tbsp)

1/3 cup of refried beans

Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper

Wash the chicken tenders and pat dry. Cut them into pieces and season with salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. In a hot skillet with 1 to 2 tbsp oil, sauté the chicken tenders until cooked through. Grab a plate and place 2 servings of Doritos (about 14 chips) on the plate. I put about half a cup of the refried beans in the microwave to heat up. Layer the 1/3 cup beans on the chips. Top the beans with the spicy chicken pieces. Heat the cheese sauce in the microwave. I like the single cheese cups or Cheez Whiz would be a great alternative. Pour the melted sauce all over the ingredients. Top the cheese sauce with 2 tbsp salsa. Spoon a serving of sour cream on top of the cheese sauce. Take a green onion and slice into small pieces. Sprinkle the onion over top of the sour cream. You can substitute fat-free sour cream if you want to lessen the calories. Since this is a serving for one, you can use 1 lb of ground chicken for a group event or party. Brown the ground chicken and add the seasoning packet. I would add the salsa to the seasoned ground chicken. Then you can assemble it the same way starting with the chips. Add the meat mixture then cheese sauce, sour cream and lastly the onion. I would omit the cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper if using a taco seasoning pack.